Monthly Archives: March 2013

Farmhouse Culture at Expo West!


Farmhouse Culture ventures down to Anaheim, CA to participate in the Natural Products Expo West 2013! We asked people if they “like it raw” and here is what they said…

Not One, But Two Exciting New Flavors

Here at Farmhouse Culture, we love our line of tasty, organic krauts. But we also like to spice things up now and again.


We’ve developed two amazing new flavors that we’re sure you’ll want to try: Ginger Beet Kraut and Spicy Wakame Ginger Kimchi. The first thing you’ll notice about our Ginger Beet Kraut is its intense color. The second thing you’ll notice is its bright, fresh flavor. Our Ginger Beet Kraut is made of gorgeous, organically-grown, red beets paired with the sweet…
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Introducing the Kraut Pouch!

Our kraut is getting a new outfit this month! Instead of glass jars, now you will find our delicious Farmhouse kraut in a pouch.

As you already know, our krauts and kimchi are fermented foods full of living organisms that are good for you. While those little organisms are busy fermenting away, they are letting out small amounts of gas. This natural process sometimes led to the glass jars leaking and caused occasionally bubbling over when they were opened.

Our new kraut pouch boasts a small release valve which lets carbon dioxide out of the package without letting oxygen in. Much better. We’d love to take credit for this great idea, but the truth is that fermented food makers in Europe and Asia have been using similar pouches for years. But we are the…
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