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Where Our Cabbage Comes From

Do you ever think about where your food comes from? We sure do!

LS KD and Dick 5.9.13

If you drive about 20 minutes southeast of Farmhouse Culture’s home in Santa Cruz, you’ll find yourself in some of the finest agricultural land in the country, the Pajaro Valley. The nutrient-rich soil and cool, sunny weather make it possible to grow an amazing abundance of fruits and vegetables. It is here, in well-groomed fields…
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Bon Appetit Speaks

We're all about this Kraut from Farmhouse Culture

I’m a freak for sauerkraut. Not the sweet, vinegary impostor-kraut at dirty-water hot dog stands across the country. I’m talking about the real-deal, funky, stinky, bubbly, just-cabbage-and-salt genuine article. The kind of live, fermented sauerkraut that tastes almost effervescent. The kind that stinks up your fridge and makes your roommates mad. That’s my kind of sauerkraut.


So I was completely delighted when I got a chance to try Farmhouse Culture‘s new line of krauts. They’re raw, organic, and come in an array of punchy flavors, from Classic Caraway to Horseradish Leek. They’ve got that crunch, that singing lactic-acid twang, that irresistible, funky-fresh aroma. I’m in love. And the packaging! Don’t get me…
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