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Eat Real 2013

September 27-29, 2013


We had a blast at the 4th annual Kraut-a-thon with our very own Kathryn Lukas and the always hilarious Todd Champagne of Happy Girl Kitchen Co. in a sauerkraut-making extravaganza. 300 Pounds of Cabbage, 50 People, 1 Stage by the Water…Trillions of Microbes Fermenting Around the Bay Area and Beyond!     Main Stage –…
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Everyday with Rachael Ray agrees- Farmhouse Culture kraut is an Oktoberfest Best!

In their delicious kraut costumes our friendly flora have found their way into the homes and hearts, and onto the plates and palates, of our nation.

EDWRR Cover - October 2013 - Lower Res (1)

Top your Oktober Fest off with this chart-topping krazy kraut, and bring your festive spirit (and festive belly) back to life!    

Where it Goes: Composting with Pajaro Pastures

There are a lot of details that you probably don't think about when you take a delicious bite of Farmhouse Culture Kraut. That's ok, because we've thought about them for you.

photo 3

For instance, what happens to all the extra cabbage leaves, and jalapeño stems, and leek tops that aren’t suitable for our Kraut? We could just throw that stuff away, but why do that when we can make a whole farm full of animals happy? That’s why we have a community compost program that donates our…
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Counter Cultures: A Fermentation Celebration

Saturday, Sept 7th, 6-10pm at the MAH in Santa Cruz.


September 7, 2013 Santa Cruz, California This sequel to DIYine: A Celebration of Homebrewing will offer samples of all manner of fermented foods made at home or by local businesses, such as saurkraut, cheese, yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, pickles, kefir, vinegar, kim chi, and more. With other snacks and beverages available, as well as live music, Counter…
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