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Sauerkraut is the star of the fermented food world, helping promote the growth of good bacteria that keeps your gut happy. (Who isn’t looking for ways to work probiotics into their diet at this point?) Never made it before? The thinly sliced cabbage is fermented in salt and water for about two to six weeks—and that’s where the nutrients come in.

“Fermenting a food creates and preserves healthy bacteria,” explains registered dietitian and chef Katie Cavuto MS, RD, who works with organic sauerkraut brand Farmhouse Culture. And kraut is particularly good for you because the fiber...


John Tucker Appointed CEO of Farmhouse Culture

Farmhouse Culture Opens Headquarters in Portland, Oregon Where Tucker Will Be Based

"I believe probiotics are beginning to play a vital role in reshaping the American diet and leading consumers to better health and wellness by rebalancing their microbiome. I am excited to be building the Farmhouse Culture brand through thought leadership and the delivery of probiotics through superior tasting foods, snacks and beverages,"

John Tucker, CEO

Read the full press release here

Rest in Peace – Ginger Beet Kraut

Greetings Farmhouse Culture Fans!

We have sad and happy news to report today. Our beloved and very popular Ginger Beet Kraut is being put to rest. After months of trying to get this kraut consistently crunchy, we discovered that Mother Nature had other ideas. Turns out that beets are high in oxalic acid which binds with the calcium in the cabbage. Reduced calcium means soggy kraut and you know how we feel about soggy kraut.

So now for the good news. We’ve decided to give our recipe to the Universe (and to you), so if you’re seriously addicted to it like we are, you can make it at home. Some batches might be crunchier than others which is just fine-it’s still delicious. And if you do encounter a soft batch now and again, simply throw it into the blender with a little olive oil for an outrageously tasty, probiotic-rich salad dressing.

The recipe card below and a few ingredients is all you need to get started. Just click on the image of the recipe card to print your own. And hey, will you let us know how it goes? We’d love to share your feedback and pictures on social media. Oh and one more bit of good news - Ginger Beet Gut Shot is still available!

Happy Krauting!

It’s Alive! Kraut Talk with Kathryn Lukas

In a forkful of raw, lactofermented sauerkraut, there are billions of living microbes that support our health in ways scientists are only beginning to understand. While most store-bought kraut is typically pasteurized, killing off these tiny probiotic critters, kraut makers like Kathryn Lukas of Farmhouse Culture are going back to traditional methods of making kraut that preserve the vibrant microcosm of friendly bacteria found in live fermented foods.


Prior to CUESA’s “Gut Feelings: A Discussion about the Microbes You Can’t Live Without” event, CUESA held a talk with Kathryn about the weird and wild world of fermentation. Read about it here:  

Enliven Your Thanksgiving with the gift of Kraut!

No need to feel bogged down after the big meal this year. Let the billions of probiotics and loads of beneficial fiber in our krauts help you digest your feast.

Have you tried Mashed Potatoes and Kraut together? Divine!

How about our California Kraut Salad? It’s always a hit and couldn’t be simpler to make.

What about Kraut Stuffing? That's right! We add a pound of chopped kraut to our stuffing - the probiotics are lost but the kraut adds fiber to an otherwise fiberless dish and the flavor is nothing short of fabulous.

Follow our Pinterest page by clicking on the turkeys below to find dozens of paleo, vegan and gluten free kraut recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Wishing all of you a day filled with gratitude and good cheer,
Kathryn Lukas

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Gut Feelings: A Discussion about the Microbes You Can’t Live Without

Join Kathryn Lukas in San Francisco on November 19 to learn about the magic of microbes.


MICROBES?!?!?! Whether you like it or not, there are ten times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. Come learn about the unseen yet indispensable world of microorganisms that live in your gut, the soil, and fermented foods. Discover the tantalizing secrets of microbes and learn all about their mystery and magic. Speakers…
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Check out our friends, Kirsten and Christopher Shockey’s new book on fermentation.

This has got to be the best book on fermentation to come out all year. We highly recommend you pick up a copy of Fermented Vegetables. The Shockey's include in-depth instruction for making kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles and offer more than 120 recipes for fermenting 64 different vegetables and herbs. Additional recipes show readers how to incorporate their ferments into dozens of exciting dishes for every meal of the day.


Get the book here: