How to Detox from the Holidays

When End-of-the-Year Indulgences Start to Get You Down

Santa Cruz Weekly's end-of-the-year edition touts Farmhouse Culture to keep your holidays delicious and full of wellness!

SC Weekly Dec 25 2013Pick up a copy in Santa Cruz or check out the online edition to catch a Farmhouse shout-out plus some timely advice on balance in the Wellness section of the Santa Cruz Weekly!  Weekly writer Maria Grusauskas spoke with local nutritionist Jocelyn Dubin who mentioned our krauts and kimchi as a locally-made option for restoring intestinal flora:

RESTORE INTESTINAL FLORA: Too much time spent mingling around the cheese tray will leave you, well, a little backed up. Healthy digestion is key to feeling good and, um, flushing holiday toxins. Resuscitate your gut with fermented foods. “Because kombucha contains alcohol, I tend to have people not use kombucha as their main source of probiotics,” says Dubin. “Try kimchi or sauerkraut from the local company Farmhouse Culture.” And if you’ve been overdoing the dairy, Dubin recommends avoiding milk-based yogurts, recommending coconut yogurt instead.”

We’re staying hydrated, and keeping a pouch of Smoked Jalapeno and Garlic Dill Pickle kraut nearby as we leap into 2014, Maria, thanks!

Read more at:  Santa Cruz Weekly, p.6, December 25-31, 2013