Introducing the Kraut Pouch!

Our kraut is getting a new outfit this month! Instead of glass jars, now you will find our delicious Farmhouse kraut in a pouch.

As you already know, our krauts and kimchi are fermented foods full of living organisms that are good for you. While those little organisms are busy fermenting away, they are letting out small amounts of gas. This natural process sometimes led to the glass jars leaking and caused occasionally bubbling over when they were opened.

Our new kraut pouch boasts a small release valve which lets carbon dioxide out of the package without letting oxygen in. Much better. We’d love to take credit for this great idea, but the truth is that fermented food makers in Europe and Asia have been using similar pouches for years. But we are the first to bring the pouches to the US.

As excited as we were about this innovative packaging, we were concerned about switching from glass to plastic. So we did some research, and it turns out our new pouch cuts our carbon footprint by two thirds. Wow! It weighs a lot less than glass, which means it uses less fuel to transport than our jars did. It also uses less energy to produce. And the pouch is made of the safest plastics on the market. There’s no way we are letting BPA touch our kraut.

We’re happy that our pouches are recyclable in most communities, but we are also looking forward to new technologies that will allow us to use compostable bioplastics for our kraut. In the meantime, we think that our new pouch is a great step. We hope you’ll like them, too. The kraut pouch will be hitting the store shelves this month, but it is already available at our farmer’s markets stands, and in our onlineĀ kraut shop.