Where it Goes: Composting with Pajaro Pastures

There are a lot of details that you probably don't think about when you take a delicious bite of Farmhouse Culture Kraut. That's ok, because we've thought about them for you.

For instance, what happens to all the extra cabbage leaves, and jalapeño stems, and leek tops that aren’t suitable for our Kraut? We could just throw that stuff away, but why do that when we can make a whole farm full of animals happy? photo 2That’s why we have a community compost program that donates our kitchen scraps to local organic farms.

Pajaro Pastures is one of those farms. Ryan started Pajaro Pastures after discovering sustainable agriculture and gardening during his time studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Pajaro Pastures is a 90-acre ranch filled with some of the happiest chickens, ducks, and goats we’ve ever met. The ranch is committed to producing high-quality food products while improving the environment and protecting natural resources.

We asked Ryan what it’s like when he brings his animals Farmhouse Culture’s compost. “It must feel like Christmas every week” he told us. “When they catch sights of the bins [from Farmhouse Culture], they charge over and begin scarfing it down.

photo 3The goats wag their tails with glee and munch mouthfuls. The ducks burrow their beaks into the pile, searching for a perfect-sized piece.”
We love the care and attention that Ryan gives to his livestock, the environment, and his customers. There is nothing we would rather do with our food scraps than contribute to the food cycle of sustainable, pasture-raised meat and eggs.
photo 3

You can find Pajaro Pastures offering eggs, meat, and heritage apple trees at the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market, or right on the farm in Soquel. Contact Ryan through the website if you are interested in getting shares of Pajaro Pastures Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA), or if you have some nice land that Ryan’s goat friends could graze on.

In the meantime, we’ll keep them fed with our organic kitchen scraps.