Our Team


Kathryn Lukas

Founder / Chief Innovation Officer

Kathryn Lukas is an ambitiously curious food alchemist who’s ready to reinvent American kraut culture.

In 2008, Kathryn took one part canned kraut, added two parts imagination, and mixed in a lot of local produce. The result was a curious twist on a classic condiment using fermenting traditions from around the world.

The inspirations for Kathryn’s kraut evolved from her experience as the chef-owner of Das Augustenstüble in Stuttgart, her world travels, her academic background, her time as a culinary writer, and, maybe just a bit, the poetry of Wendell Berry.

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Toby Wingo

Kraut Meister

Toby began working at Farmhouse Culture in 2009 as a young cabbage chopper. “Geeking out on probiotics” may not be a common job description, but it’s one that Toby takes on with gusto!

Toby’s passion for living off the land and connecting to the (to borrow the vintner’s term) “Terroir” has lead him to experiment with subverting dominant food paradigms, whether through foraging or the cultivation of native herbs and spices.

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Doug Beacom

Supply Chain Manager

Doug  joined Farmhouse Culture in September 2012 and has helped manage our production, inventory and supply chain. After a decade of work in Education, teaching multimedia arts, and a Masters degree from Columbia University, he moved to Santa Cruz to get involved in organic farming and food production with his family; they’ve milked dairy goats as WWOOF apprentices and now keep it simple with gardens, chickens and shiitake mushrooms.

When he isn’t checking on a fresh new shipment of cabbage or testing new packaging, you’ll find Doug on his bicycle, reading, or Lego building with his 3 kids in Watsonville.


Lucas Brooks

Customer Service Representative

Lucas joined Farmhouse Culture in August 2014, and comes with a deep and varied retail and customer service background that spans 20 years, having worked in produce, books, fair trade goods, automobiles, and fine tableware. He is delighted to be working with kraut, and was already an enthusiastic consumer before joining the team.

When he isn’t providing excellent customer service and fulfilling orders, Lucas enjoys spending time with his family, bird watching, trail running, ocean swimming, board gaming, and book reading. His passions include good design, bad puns, old movies, and new music.


George Scharffenberger

Territory Manager (California)

George joined the Farmhouse Culture team in August 2014 as a Brand Ambassador on the East Coast, and quickly moved on to Los Angeles to take on the role of Territory Manager for California. Growing up in a family of foodie fame (yes, we’re talking about the chocolate) he learned at an early age to appreciate good food. Rumor has it that his first words quoted Audrey II: “FEED ME!”

With his 6’7 frame you can easily spot George when he visits your local grocer, so don’t be shy, say hello and sample some kraut.  Outside of stores you will find George exploring with his rescue dog, sampling craft beer, and learning about wildlife – he’s a licensed South African safari guide!

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Jason Lindsay

Farmer's Market Manager

Jason was rescued from an endless cycle of barista management madness to a safe haven of sauerkraut by  Kathryn, his sister-in-law in 2009. As our Farmer’s Market Manager, Jason still interacts directly with customers, but he finds folks who are hankering for kraut far friendlier than customers who are craving their caffeine.

When he’s not working, much of his energy is dedicated to being the best dad he can be, or playing board games that allow him to exercise his passion for historical events.

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Bridget Kavanaugh

Field Marketing Manager

Bridget is a Michigander via east coast transplant who adores all that California has to offer.  The west coast feeds her passion for health, wellness, and farm fresh foods.  She has had a life-long love of kraut, and is eager to share the freshest and best out there. She joined the Farmhouse Culture team in January of 2016 and comes from a background in marketing and sales.
When she is not connecting in the community and spreading the word about fermentation benefits, you can find Bridget on her yoga mat, road bike, or in her walking shoes. Bridget also enjoys cooking up warm meals to pair with worldly wines.
Her motto: happy belly=happy life!’