Did you see our Kraut Crocks featured on the front page of Williams-Sonoma?

We were so excited (and maybe even blushing a little) when Williams-Sonoma asked us if they could carry our kraut crocks in their catalog. We thought we’d seen the folks from Williams-Sonoma HQ scoping us out at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market (which is just down the street from their flagship store), but we had no idea they would be interested in carrying little ol’ Farmhouse Culture in their catalog! We are flattered to be in the company of such fine kitchen goods. Just look at that fermentation pot next to our crock!

We know a lot of you out there are big fans of the crocks. We are too. They are perfect for serving our kraut (or your own!) in at your table. They also make great storage for dry goods, like sugar or salt. They hold 16oz and come with a nice airtight silicone lid.  And now you know where to get them! Click on this link to order.