News You Can Eat: Apple Fennel Kraut in the Wall Street Journal

It seems the East Coast is catching a whiff of our krauts!  In her “Bits and Bites: News You Can Eat” column this past Saturday, WSJ food writer Charlotte Druckmann shared a few of her winter pantry favorites:

[quote]”Another refrigerated section delectable comes from Farmhouse Culture, the California-based house of small-batch sauerkraut; its seasonal apple-and-fennel blend pairs well with a pork roast or a charcuterie roundup. You can take the rote hot-dog route, but stuffing it into a falafel pita sandwich is wonderful too.”[/quote]

You might also want try melting a mild cheese like fontina on a crusty slice of  rye and topping it with the Apple Fennel Kraut- add a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc and you’ve got yourself a winter picnic by the fire. Cheers!