Probiotic Veggie Potions

Amazingly Delicious!

Remember V8? Eight vegetables make up this retro ensemble and truth be told, I’ve always liked it. Especially when it’s infused with Smoked Jalapeno Kraut juice and a little vodka. But let’s face it, V8 is high in sodium, it’s pasteurized and it’s not made with organic produce.

6.13 Kraut SmoothiesSo why not make your own? And better yet why not make a delicious concoction with seasonal, organic and even fermented vegetables? That’s right. Adding fermented foods to your morning ritual will enliven your personal ecosystem. So get your blender dirty and your body clean with these healing, probiotic potions.

Magical Mary
1 Carrot
1 Spear Celery
1 Handful Cherry Tomatoes
2-3 Inch Slice of Cucumber
1/3 C HL Kraut
2 T Olive Oil
1/2 t Salt
1/2 c H2O


Ginger Beet Me Baby
1 Apple
1 T Ginger Juice
1/2 C Ginger Beet Kraut
1T Flax Seed Oil
1/2 c H2O


Lazy Smokey Kraut
1/2 c juicy SJ Kraut
2T Olive Oil
1 C Very Veggie Juice