Our Products

Are your products Organic/Non-GMO 

Yes! All of our products are certified Organic and Non-GMO by Quality Assurance International.

Are your products Dairy-Free (Vegan) and Gluten-Free?

Yes! We do not add any dairy or gluten to any of our products.

Do your products need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Our Kraut and Gut Shot are raw, unpasteurized (unheated), and contain live probiotics.

How long will they stay fresh in the refrigerator?

The product is safe to eat within the listed best buy date. After opening the package, we recommend consuming within the first 10 days.

Will cooking or freezing your products kill probiotics?

Yes, both will negatively affect the probiotic cultures in the product. probiotics need a specific and stable environment to live in so that they can provide you with the desired benefits!

Are your products pasteurized?

No, we do not use any heat during the production process as it would negatively affect the probiotics in the product.

Our Production Process

Are your products Organic/ Vegan?

Yes! All of our products are made using all organic and vegan ingredients

Are your products GMO free and Gluten Free?

Yes! All of our products are GMO and Gluten free

Do your Products contain or are produced in a facility that also processes: Nuts, Soy, other general allergens?

All of our products do NOT contain and are NOT made in facilities that also process tree nuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, or wheat.

Do your products contain alcohol?

Our Gut Shot and Kraut both contain very small amounts of alcohol as it is a byproduct of fermentation. Studies have shown this amount to be between 0.01% and 0.03% alcohol.

Where are your products made? Where is the cabbage grown?

Our Kraut and Gut Shot are made in Appleton, WI and all of the cabbage is grown in the surrounding communities!

Do you use Starter Cultures?

No, we do not use starter cultures. We use only the naturally occurring bacteria found on the cabbage!

Ordering Online

Where can I buy your products online?

We offer 4 Gut Shot Flavors right here on the website! Just select the "Buy Online" option on the menu above.

We also offer all of our Kraut Krisps flavors on Amazon.

Does Gut Shot ship cold?

Yes, our Gut Shot ships in refrigerated packaging with ice packs that ensure the product will stay cold and fresh for up to 3 days! We ship Gut Shot anywhere in the US!

My Amazon order was incorrect, what do I do now?

Please reach out to customer service by emailing Hello@farmhouseculture.com and we can make it right for you! Please just provide your order number when reaching out.

Purchase in Store

I purchased a product that doesn’t taste right, what do I do now?

First, please check the expiration date on the product and then reach out to us at Hello@farmhouseculture.com

Fermentation must be controlled in order to control flavor. Share a photo with us, we would be happy to replace it for you!

I need help locating your products!

Check our store locator on the "Find in Store" page. Speak to your local store manager about our products if you’d like to see it on shelf.